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Honoring Daniel
Welcome to the web site. This site is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Conner Mauser. Daniel was taken from us in the tragic massacre at Columbine High School on April 20th, 1999.

This tragedy has taught us that we must keep Daniel alive in our memories. So we Daniel in a merry momentare celebrating the 15 wonderful years of life he shared with us and are honoring his memory.

We believe the world must not dwell on the lives of the killers. The world must focus on the victims so that Daniel and the others are not just statistics. Daniel was a living spirit who brought joy to the lives he touched. For that reason we have created this web site to honor and remember Daniel.

Please use the navigation links to the left to visit the photo album and read about Daniel's life. In this site you can also read about the things we've done in his honor--adopting a baby girl from China in 2000, changing the gun laws in Colorado, raising funds to build a school and library in Guatemala, and more. Below you'll find some links to more recent happenings, including video of Daniel and information about his dad's new book.

Share your thoughts by sending us your message directly to our guest book via our email address at

We read every guest book entry we receive and try to respond, though often it's difficult, especially to long messages. Media requests and special messages can be sent to Tom's cell phone at 303-547-5972.

- The Mausers

Updated November 12, 2013


Our daughter Christine is engaged to be married!!!

Our daughter Madeline is inducted into the National Junior Honor Society and is a good soccer and piano player.

Tom promotes new Colorado gun safety laws and meets President Obama during an April 2013 visit.

Tom visits Newtown, Connecticut, home of Sandy Hook Elementary, one month after the tragedy there.

Colorado has passed some significant new gun laws. It's important that supporters defend these laws in the face of gun lobby opposition. Tom has developed a guide to answering the arguments and cliches of opponents. The guide will also help defenders of common sense outside Colorado.

Tom's book about his Columbine experiences:

Tom shares his many experiences with the Columbine tragedy in a recently-released book entitled, Walking in Daniel's Shoes. It was thirteen years in the making.

A signed copy can be obtained by writing to Tom at Orders can no longer be taken by credit card through this site. The book is also available on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. The book is available in e-book format on Nook and Kindle and other e-book sites, for $7.99 or less. It's sold at Tattered Cover book stores in metro Denver.

Here's a link to a Denver tv news report about the book and the 13th anniversary of Columbine. And here is the cover of the book. For additional information about the book, please visit here.

Video! We thought it would be nice to bring Daniel more to life for people in a new way by placing some video of him on You Tube.  Here's the link you can use to watch it:

Also posted there is a video excerpt from a speech Daniel's father made at the White House three weeks after the Columbine tragedy.  It was a Mother's Day event focusing on gun violence against children:

The Columbine Memorial was completed and dedicated in September 2007. Here are some pictures of it, taken on the day of the dedication. Also included are the words we placed on the "Inner Ring of Remembrance."

Other popular items on this website:

One of the most touching events after the Columbine tragedy were the spontaneous memorials that were set up in Clement Park, next to Columbine High. We are including 18 photos from those memorials.

Photos of the completed library that was built in Guatemala in Daniel's memory, thanks to a Denverite who visited there.

Evidence photos from the Columbine tragedy.

The successful efforts of the Columbine victims' families' to remove the Columbine High library, where so many lives were shattered. They showed there was HOPE!

We would especially like our visitors to be aware of the following web sites and encourage you to visit them:

Daniel's Family Says Thanks!
Thank you to all who have sent condolences and prayers. Additional thanks to all of you who have helped and supported us in countless ways. We also thank you for visiting Daniel's site and helping us keep his memory alive.

God bless you,

Tom, Linda, Christine and Madeline Mauser

We are all Columbine!