The Fourth Anniversary

April 20, 2003 marked the fourth anniversary of the Columbine tragedy. This year's anniversary had a different twist to it, insofar as that day was also Easter Sunday. For the first three anniversaries we laid fairly low, leaving town or at least staying out of the public eye. But since it was Easter, we chose to attend church services at our new church, Columbine United Church.

Afterwards, we made our usual anniversary trek to Mt. Olivet Cemetery to visit the graves of Daniel, Kelly Fleming and Matt Kechter. On the way there we once again traveled along the C-470 freeway, looking for the rare "sign" we had been given twice before-a small herd of deer along the highway that serves as a sign of comfort. (See earlier stories of how we were given amazing signs.)

While we didn't see a herd of deer or have the clouds move aside and make way for a bright display of sunshine, we did still have one little sign of comfort: it was Madeline handing us a lone dandelion while we were at the cemetery and saying, "This is for Daniel?" Let me explain.

When we were at church we heard a sermon about how perhaps the Easter lily shouldn't be the Easter flower, since it is fairly fragile, sensitive and short-lived-hardly representative of Christ. It was suggested that perhaps the dandelion should be that flower because it was so strong, persistent and long-lived, just as Jesus Christ is for us. So, in light of the fact that Mt. Olivet is so well cared for and free of dandelions, it was indeed a special moment when Madeline presented us with a dandelion.

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