Fifth Anniversary: gun bills continue

A look at gun laws being acted upon

Five years after Columbine, and some major gun bills are before our elected officials. I'll be outlining them on this page. At the national level is renewal of the assault weapons ban; a bill that would give special immunity from civil lawsuits to the gun industry; and a clause that reduces the time that background check records to just 24 hours.

At the state level, a bill is being introduced that failed last year. This bill, sponsored by Rep. Rose of Montrose, would re-write a number of the provisions of Amendment 22--the voter ballot initiative that closed the gun show loophole in Colorado. The people of Colorado approved Amendment 22 by an overwhelming 70% to 30% margin, yet again there's an attempt being made to weaken it.

One aspect of this debate that bothers me is the lack of responsiveness from my elected officials.

  • Senator Ben Nighthorse-Campbell has told me he won't respond to my letters because I would share his responses on this website and with the media. (Whatever happened to accountability?)
  • As pointed out in my story from 2003, I have been waiting for over nine months to get a response to call and a letter to Colorado's Governor Owens.

More to come.....

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We are all Columbine!