Tom's book is now available!

Book is titled "Walking in Daniel's Shoes"

Tom has written a book about his Columbine experiences. Signed copies of the book are available through this website, using the link below. For those in metro Denver, the book is avalable at the Tattered Cover stores. It is available at discounted prices on both and

The e-book is available from Nook, Kindle and other e-book sites, for $7.99 or less.

To buy a signed copy of the book, please write to Tom at The cost is $14.99 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling--plus Colorado residents must pay sales tax based on where they live. Tom will compute that for you. Payment must be by check, as Tom can no longer take orders by credit card--the bank charges were just too much.

Orders from outside the U.S. will cost more, as the mailing cost is much higher for foreign locations. It may also be difficult to arrange payment.

The title refers to the fact Tom literally wore Daniel's shoes when he worked to honor him. The book is self-published because Tom didn’t want a publisher telling him what to write in order to sell more books. He wanted it to be his story, in his voice, and not sensationalized. It will cover the massacre and some of the many controversies, but not in great detail--since there are others books that do that.

The book is 376 pages long and lists for $14.99. The book covers, among other things:

  • That “horrific day” and the weeks & months afterwards
  • Life in the middle of this Columbine “earthquake”
  • The fight to change gun laws in Colorado
  • Healing in many forms
  • The decision to adopt a child
  • Being taunted by gun activists and Harris & Klebold admirers
  • Being arrested for protesting at NRA headquarters
  • The issue of “forgiveness” and meeting with the parents of the killers
  • Finding meaning in it all

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We are all Columbine!