Permanent Columbine Memorial

Located in Clement Park, a short distance from the school

There is a permanent memorial to the victims of the Columbine tragedy. It was dedicated in September of 2007.

Not long after the tragedy, some people began making contributions for a memorial. The Columbine Memorial Committee was the organization that raised the funds to build a permanent memorial, conducting fundraising events and soliciting donations from across the country and even the world. The Foothills Foundation provided its nonprofit umbrella and acted as guardian of the funds.

Today, a group of five volunteers act as the Board of The Columbine Memorial Foundation, Inc., a non profit organization. The Foundation was formed in March 2009 after the Columbine Memorial Committee completed construction of the Memorial and disbanded. The Foundation's mission is to keep the Memorial the place of beauty, peace, reflection and

Words of victim Lauren Townshend's mom, on the outer Ring of Healing

remembrance it was intended to be. The Foundation coordinates and facilitates maintenance, volunteer efforts, repairs, improvements and fundraising for the Columbine Memorial.

The cost to maintain, repair and provide improvements for the Columbine Memorial are estimated at $10,000 to $15,000 per year. Donations are currently being accepted for this purpose.  100% of funds received go towards maintenance and improvements at the Memorial.

Within the local community and, the Foundation believes, across the nation, it is an appropriate goal to assure that the innocent victims of Columbine are "never forgotten". This memorial serves not only to honor

Madeline Mauser at the outer Ring

those innocent victims but also to provide a permanent historic record of this tragedy, and to deliver a message of hope and education for many generations to come.

The memorial is an open, public place for all to visit and reflect on the impact and lessons learned from this tragedy. The memorial location in Clement Park provides a stunning, but peaceful outdoor setting for visiting and personal/family reflection. As one of the victim's parents put it "Upon leaving this Memorial, a parent's first reaction will hopefully be to hug their child, and tell them they love them."

The Columbine Memorial Foundation is an opportunity to provide something positive in response to the Columbine tragedy. It will unite, not divide, our community and nation.

Cash donations for the Columbine Memorial can be sent to:
Columbine Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 621636
Littleton, CO 80162-1636

Credit Card Contributions can be made online at

One of the community messages on the outer Ring of Healing

The Memorial serves to honor the victims but also to provide a historic record of the tragedy and to deliver a message of hope for generations to come. The memorial includes an inner Ring of Remembrance and an outer Ring of Healing. The outer ring contains the etched words of injured victims and those of other Columbine students, teachers and staff as well as community members.

The inner Ring of Remembrance has 13 stations, one for each of those killed, with engraved messages written by their families.

A look at the inner Ring of Remembrance

Daniel's station on the inner Ring of Healing, with outer Ring in background

Daniel's mom, Linda, is the one who developed the words engraved on Daniel's station. The words read:

It’s not easy to sum up the life of a son and brother. To his parents he was a first-born gift with spiritual dimensions that caused us to seek a deeper life. To his sister Christine, he was a fun companion but also one who was willing to share his wisdom and knowledge. To his sister Madeline he will be the brother who was never known, but whose presence will always be felt. To others, he will be an inspiration for how he tackled his own weaknesses and often overcame them in surprising ways.

We remember Daniel as a boy with a gentle spirit and a shy grin. Often charming and sometimes intense, he was just coming into his own. He still saw the world through largely innocent eyes. He was an inquisitive and sometimes typically maddening adolescent who would challenge you to examine your assumptions about most everything.

In the most profound sense, however, Daniel was one who, despite difficulties, knew the ineffable sweetness of life and it was part of him. It was our great blessing to have had him as a member of our family.

The waterfalls on the Outer Ring

An overlook above the Memorial, where one can view both the mountains and the Memorial.

More photos of the Memorial can be found on this site here.

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