Daughter Madeline Inducted into National Junior Honor Society, and is a great soccer and piano player

We are pleased to announce that our daughter Madeline has been named to the National Junior Honor Society, based on her dedicated work in the 7th grade in Ken Caryl Middle School in 2012/13. Madeline is receiving excellent grades in the Gifted and Talented program, is reading at a much higher grade level, and is particularly interested in math and science.

l to r: NJHS inductees Kaitlyn, Hailey and Madeline

Naturally, Madeline often helps her Baby Boomer parents with computer and technology problems. She loves to diagnose problems and put things together, like recently when she assembled an exercise bike her dad purchased.


Madeline and her friend Naomi

Madeline loves playing soccer in the local rec district's recreational league. She usually plays defense as fullback but also as midfielder. She didn't have the instinct for forward and offense but was a leader on defense, with a ferocious drive to keep the ball away from her goal.

Madeline body blocking the ball to avoid a 'hand ball' penalty.

Madeline has a lot of fun getting into the middle of play when the ball comes to her team's end.

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