Part 2 of Spontaneous Memorial

Yes, indeed, thirteen new angels...

An young man pays tribute at one of the cross displays...

People even began using the tennis court fences for their remembrances...

Items came from all over the country... this one was from southern Oregon, where

another school shooting took place...

This is a small crowd on the top of Rebel Hill, a mound of dirt made from a construction

project. The hill It became a "must" stop for those visiting the park, because of its'

location overlooking the back side of Columbine High and the fact that fifteen crosses

were placed on top of the hill in memory of the dead. It became part of a controversy when

a few of the parents removed the two crosses that contained the names of the killers.

The path leading up to Rebel Hill. This must have been a weekday.

On weekends the lines were very long and sometimes took hours. We

visited on a weekend. People were gracious enough to let us skip

up to close to the front of the line. We'll never forget the two older

women in front of us. It had rained and snowed. so it was a difficult.

slippery climb for them. But they hung in there, even though they knew

none of the victims. They had traveled from clear on the other side

of Denver.

One of the crosses on top of Rebel Hill...

Meanwhile, from Rebel Hill one also got a glimpse of where the tragedy took place.

Nearly all the carnage took place in that grassy area and in the library on the second floor.

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We are all Columbine!