Photos of a younger Madelne

Jan. 2003

Madeline's first visit to Santa, Dec. 2002

Madeline, Spring 2002

October, 2002: Celebrating our second "Gotcha Day"--the day in October

2000 that we got our girls in China. From the left: Shoshanna (she's the sister

of Naomi and was adopted a few years ago), Naomi, Madeline, Rosie and Jia Jia.

Madeline with daughters of Christie's godparents--

Kara and Rachele

Madeline and sister Christie at the Portland Zoo, July 2002.

Madeline in kitty ears at a birthday party

for two Chinese girls. 1/03

Spring 2002.

November 2002

Madeline having fun with the Scrabble box, Spring 2002.

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