Help With Web Site

We are very grateful to our
webmaster Erik Koskinen for designing and maintaining this site. He has volunteered countless hours developing this loving tribute to Daniel, thankfully handling all the technical details for us. We couldn't have done it without his help!

We also would like to thank
Dave Scott for his ideas, input and assistance with this web site.

Drew Kerin must also be thanked. Drew was a stranger touched by the Columbine tragedy, and while paying his respects to Daniel at the funeral home, suggested we create a web site. He felt a web site would help people remember Daniel, and not reduce him to a statistic. We are grateful to Drew for planting the seed!

Donated Server Space
Thank you as well to
Earthlink Network, Inc. They were kind enough to donate the server space on which this site resides for its first year of operation.

Earthlink employees Heather Meeker, Kristin Kappos, Matthew Meeker and Mike Reno provided us with invaluable help, for which we are also very grateful.

We are all Columbine!