Telling Daniel's story


Daniel Conner Mauser
Born June 25, 1983 - Died April 20, 1999

Daniel's Personality
Daniel was a gentle, well mannered, mature, lovable child. He was not at all reluctant to hug his parents, even as a teen--he did it often.

Daniel posing for photoDaniel was a tenth grader at Columbine. He was shy and reserved, not someone who'd want to speak in front of an audience, yet he joined the debate team. Daniel was a slender 5'10" and not athletic, yet he joined the cross country team at school. He had a dry sense of humor.

Daniel's Mother, Linda
His mother, Linda, considers herself a feminist, but she made the choice to not work outside of the home. A choice and sacrifice made by Daniel's parents, to allow for more nurturing of their children. Linda was born in Illinois but has spent nearly all her life in Colorado. She was raised on a farm outside Longmont. She is a graduate of Longmont High School and the University of Colorado. She has worked as a legal secretary and paralegal. Linda is the adopted daughter of Joe and Virginia Conner (both now deceased).

Daniel's Father, Tom
His father, Tom, works as a planning and grants program manager at the Colorado Department of Transportation, promoting alternative transportation modes such as public transit, bicycles, and passenger rail. Tom was born and raised in the Finleyville area, 15 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA. Tom is a graduate of Ringgold High School and the University of Pittsburgh. He moved to Colorado in 1976. Tom is the son of a coal miner, Edward Mauser, and his wife Helen (both deceased). Tom's grandparents on the Mauser side (the name was changed from Mausser) emigrated from a German-speaking region called Gottshee, which is in current day Slovenia.

Daniel's Sister, Christine
Daniel is survived by one sister, Christine, born in 1985. They were a very close brother and sister, though their personalities were quite different: Daniel was shy and Christie is more outgoing. Christie is now a college graduate, having earned her Bachelors Degree at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO.

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