Below we describe the wonderful music and lyrics produced by Cindy Bullens. Cindy has been a writer, singer and guitarist since the 1970s. She worked at one point as a backup singer for Elton John, and also had a solo career. In November of 1999, Cindy Bullens came to Denver and performed for the families of the Columbine victims. It was a very moving acoustic concert performed by Cindy and her drummer. She said she was touched and honored to be with us, and we felt the same way! It was an amazing night of tears, hugs, empathy, and so much more!

Wonderful, comforting music!

The Mausers and other grieving Columbine parents received a special gift in 1999. It was an advance copy of a new CD by Cindy Bullens. The CD,
Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth, is all about the life and death of Cindy's precious daughter, Jessie, who died of cancer in 1995 at the age of eleven.

While we have been sent many tapes, most have been religious in nature. While those have been appreciated, this CD has meant the most of all to us, because it is written by someone who has been through what we have. This isn't "religious" music, but it sure is spiritual! The lyrics are all about the loss of her daughter and its aftermath, but it's not somber. It presents the wide range of emotions one feels at a time like this-from despair, to hopefulness, to disbelief, to acceptance, to misery, to triumph..

This is a wonderful, inspirational CD for those who have lost a child. But it's not just for us. It's a work of art appropriate for anyone who is open to an emotional journey with a parent. These aren't just empty lyrics about breaking up or some trivial situation. This is a real-life story. It's a journey I encourage you all to take! If you do, you'll better understand some of what we're going through.

The lyrics are tremendous, but so is the music. The musicians are talented, and Cindy gets help from the likes of Bonnie Raitt (one of Linda's favorite artists), Bryan Adams, Lucinda Williams, and Beth Nielsen Chapman. The beat ranges from gentle acoustic to upbeat rock, reflecting the range of emotions here, and Cindy's voice certainly does likewise.

Below is a sampling of lyrics that touched me. And it is JUST a sampling! You've gotta hear them all!

In Better Hands
You know I wish I could be grateful
Instead of full of fear
The kind of love that you gave me
I can't replace with tears.

And though I'll never feel that love again
Never again
Well, I can take some kind of comfort in
Knowing you're
In better hands- in better hands

Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth
But there's no rhythm in the rain
There's no magic in the moon
There's no power in this pain
Till somewhere between heaven and earth
I can find you again.

If I could one more time
Feel your hand in mine
Hear your voice call my name
And whisper sweet good night.

Then there'd be rhythm in the rain
There'd be magic in the moon
No such thing as love in vain.

The End of Wishful Thinking
And I guess it's finally hit me
What forever really means
That no amount of dreaming
Is gonna bring you back to me
And it's the end of wishful thinking.

Yesterday when I
Was leaving Tennessee
The sweetest little red bird came
To say goodbye to me.

And oh it made me smile
For maybe it's true
That the end of wishful thinking
Will lead me back to you.

Better Than I've Ever Been
.(People say) that I'll never be the same
That's true-no doubt
But I know more now what life is about

I laugh louder
Cry harder
Take less time to make up my mind and I
Think smarter
Go slower
I know what I want
And what I don't
I'll be better than I've ever been
Maybe I'll be better than I've ever been.

There's a curious freedom
Rising up from the dark
Some kind of strength I've never had

Though I'd trade it in a second
To have you back
I gotta try to make some good out of the bad.

Wow! Thanks Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all Columbine!