Words of Comfort

Our family has gone through the worst kind of tragedy imaginable. Many things have contributed to our dealing with the loss. One of the greatest comforts has been the compassionate thoughts so many have shared with us. Thanks to those who have written, or sent us things, or prayed for us, or just kept us and Daniel in your thoughts. You will never know how much it helped.
A young Daniel
Your Cards and Letters
We received many cards from all over the country, and the world! They meant so much to us, and the strength we have gained from them cannot be adequately expressed.

What we especially found touching:

  • Most people didn't just sign their card. They took the time to write many kind words.
  • Nearly everyone said they and countless others were praying for us. How can you not be touched by that? How could you not feel God's strength?

We heard from many friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, but also from:

  • co-workers and others we haven't seen in years
  • Linda's high school classmates from Longmont High (Colo.) and Tom's from Ringgold High (Penn.) who we haven't seen in many years
  • fellow parishioners, strangers, children, church congregations, and school classrooms.

YOUR Words of Comfort
We truly were comforted by the things offered in the many cards and letters.
In the past, sympathy cards didn't mean that much to us. They seemed somewhat of a formality. But after reading people's words, poems, and prayers, we realized how much more power they had when they were personalized. Especially touching were those who shared stories of loved ones lost. We'd like to share some of the words and themes that were especially helpful or touching to us.

Comforting Signs
We took great hope and comfort from a number of events that we took as a sign that Daniel is now in a far better place. There were amazing signs at the time right after Daniel's death. And two of them were repeated on the second anniversary of his death.

The Clement Park Memorial

It wasn't just people's words. It was their actions. The makeshift memorial that came together at Clement Park, next to Columbine High School, was amazing. It was filled with flowers, signs, crosses, teddy bears, and so much more. It was overwhelming.

We are all Columbine!