Memories of Daniel

Dad remembers
Daniel and I loved to play foosball (table soccer). Well, I loved to play it. Daniel and his fatherDaniel beat me 80% of the time, but I loved the challenge of trying to beat him. For me, losing by the score of 10 to 7 was an accomplishment. It was almost always me asking him to play, and him somewhat reluctantly agreeing. But he did it to please me. That's the kind of kid he was.

One thing I especially admired about Daniel was his drive to challenge his weaknesses. He was shy and reserved, yet he joined the debate team. He wasn't athletic, yet he joined the cross country team.

When he was five, a birthday party was ended by a heavy rain. Mom and dad were exhausted, but Daniel still had energy. He wanted to play yet another game he got as a gift. Dad sighed and said, "Let's just save it for a rainy day." A puzzled Daniel said, " But it IS a rainy day!"

We are all Columbine!