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We have received hundreds and hundreds of kind messages since we created this site. They have provided immeasurable comfort to our family. Here is a sampling of what
visitors to the site have written.

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Sorry, for some unknown reason much of our guest mail has not been making it through to us from this page, so we are asking visitors to send messages directly to our secondary email address, which is:


If you feel comfortable in doing so, please tell us where you are from (city/country) as well as your name. .

Thank you for signing our guest book. We have been greatly touched and comforted by the kind, compassionate words of so many people since Daniel's death. Please note that we DO read EVERY guest book entry we receive (except for hate mail screened out by volunteers), but we're usually unable to personally respond to them.

When Tom reads guest mail, he usually reads out the name of the sender and where they're from--a way to say thank you and symbolically ask God to bless that person.

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If the space above was insufficient, or if you need to contact us for any other reason write to webmaster@danielmauser.com.

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We are all Columbine!