H.O.P.E. For Columbine

HOPE is Successful! The Library is Gone!
As reported before, the parents of those murdered at Columbine High School (CHS) joined together to address what would happen to the CHS library, where ten of our kids were murdered and others were injured. We, along with some of the parents of the injured, formed a group, Healing of People Everywhere (HOPE), and managed to convince the school district to tear out the CHS library and replace it. HOPE agreed to raise the $3.1 million needed to tear out the library, create an atrium in its place, and build a new library.

Thanks to the generosity of so many people, and the hard work of volunteers, we succeeded in just a few short months! Special thanks go to three people, Lynn Bruning, Rita Kahn, and Marlene Cassini, who handled the overall coordination, public relations, fundraising and fund management.

A dedicated construction team managed to tear out the floor of the library and replace it with a beautiful atrium in record time. Columbine High's cafeteria now is two stories high, not one, and they're treated to a beautiful ceiling with a huge mural and hanging "clouds."

The new library construction will begin later this year.

A few people have suggested that the library should not have been removed, that its removal was somehow a victory for the two killers of our children. Not so. The way that we and the community pulled together was clearly a victory over the hatred of the killers.

You can visit HOPE's web site at (www.hopecolumbine.org.)

Daniel and Christie.

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