Stopping the Violence

Get Involved!
The most important thing that can be done to combat violence is for YOU to get involved. If enough people like YOU do so, we can make real change. Don't put it off any longer. Follow a link below to get more information. Or call one of the groups and say you want to help be a part of the solution. YOU have the power.

Study What Works
If you plan to be involved in the effort to curb violence, especially gun violence, then it's instructive to look at the NRA. That's right, the NRA. The NRA is effective at what it does: influencing elected representatives to respond to their pro-gun agenda. Do they buy their way to favorable votes? Probably no more than any other special interest groups. They just know how to use the democratic system of government to their advantage! They have a grassroots organization-their members contact candidates before they're elected, they ask questions, they track voting records, etc. Most important, they have passion for what they believe and they make sure their elected officials know it!

The gun control movement has never been as strong. They tend to be more national in nature, not grassroots-oriented. Their efforts often aren't passionate or sustained.
We must change that!

There has been hope here in Colorado:
SAFE Colorado (Sane Alternatives to the Firearms Epidemic) is the bi-partisan group that sponsored Amendment 22, the ballot initiative that closed the gun show loophole in Colorado. More recently it is a newer group, Colorado Ceasefire and Colorado Ceasefire Capitol Fund that have been fighting for tougher gun laws in Colorado.

Make Sure You Are Heard
What are some things you can do?

If you're concerned about violence you've got to speak up and be heard. Public officials don't get many personal letters; when they do, they pay attention.
Write that letter!

Let your school board members know you're concerned-call or write them. Don't be angry or accusatory. Tell them you're concerned and ask what kind of programs are already in place.
Offer to help, offer suggestions.

Daniel and ChristineIf you're fed up with the level of violence in movies and on television, then write. In the case of television programming, you can find network addresses on their web sites. If you think a program is too violent, write the sponsors of that program.

In the case of violent movies, the first step is not to watch them! But still, write letters to the major studios and tell them you're fed up. (In the future we'll have names and addresses of them for you here.) Suggest, for example, that they include some type of separate violence rating for movies and that the rating include a body count-tell us how many people are shot and how many killed in the course of the movie.

If you believe in the need for more gun control, write to your Federal and State officials and let them know! It needn't be in response to a particular bill. Identify yourself as a gun control advocate and let them know you also want to be heard! Again, be passionate, be strong. Not sure who your Congressional representative is, or where to write? The following sources can help:

Join a Group
If interested in becoming more active in the gun control issue, please consider membership in the Brady Campaign (see below) as well as your state's gun control organization. If you want to find out about gun control organizations in your state, contact the Brady Campaign at (202) 898-0792.

National Organizations

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly known as Handgun Control, Inc.)
(and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence)
1225 Eye Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20005-3991


The Brady Campaign, named for former Reagan press secretary Jim Brady and his wife Sarah, advocates for more rational, common-sense gun laws. It lobbies for gun regulations at both the state and national level. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is the educational and research arm.

The Million Mom March is now part of the Brady Campaign, but it still is keeping its' individual MMM local chapters.

Coalition to Stop Handgun Violence
(202) 530-0430

The goal of CSGV is the orderly elimination of the private sale of handguns and assault weapons in the U.S.

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