Words of Comfort

Comforting Words from Strangers

I am a student from Our Lady of Victory School (in Washington, D.C.) I know you planned to climb your first mountain peak with your son, Mr. Mauser, and I am sorry you didn't. I will pray for your son in my heart. Have a calm life and don't ever forget him. -Stephen

Messages of comfort
I hope it is some small comfort that people all over the country are thinking of you and your family, and praying for you to have the strength to survive this.
Yes, it is! In fact, its a large comfort. So again, we say thanks to everyone.)

Don't think of this tragedy just as Daniel not living a longer life. Thank him for the 15 wonderful years of life he gave you. Thank yourself for all that you gave him.

Our lives reflect but dimly the perfection of the Lord,
And when our loved ones pass beyond our view,
They come into the presence of the One who made us all,
Where glorious love and joy come shining through
And while the earth is precious and our sorrow is sincere,
Our hope is in the promise we are given
That life is but a journey leading to the perfect home
That God prepares for each of us in Heaven.

May the Lord send special angels to comfort you with this sure knowledge-Daniel is home and in the Lord's beautiful presence. All is well.

We needn't let go of the people we love
When the time comes for them to depart;
If we know the sweet secret of giving each one
A new lifetime to live in the heart.

The power of the sun always triumphs over darkness.

God never gives us more of a burden than we can handle.

Someone you loved very much has now physically gone away from you.
You miss them more than any other person could ever know or possibly understand. In their place their leaving has left you many wonderful moments. Columbine memorialCling to those memories, They can serve as salve for your hurts and balm for your heartfelt pains. They will help to get you through today, tomorrow,
and the many tomorrows to come. And so can God. Rest on Him. Lean on His people.

...for everything there is a reason.

A life so young released to heaven, left on earth, we wonder, WHY? But some are sent among us briefly, some have spirits meant to fly.

When thick clouds seem to hide the sun,
Some sunbeams shine on through,
The same holds true for memories
When loved ones leave our view.

Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee.

Daniel truly had a pure heart.

This comes from Steven, a young man from Chula Vista, California.
The first time I heard about the shooting I didn't really care, but after I read what they wanted to do I felt sorry for them because they won't be able to live their dreams. I felt the most for Daniel because I read what he wanted to do and his achievements and I felt sorry for him because you can tell he was going to be a great person and a great achiever when he grew up.

With time, all sorrows fade, but memories grow dearer

I am the light of the world, he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

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We are all Columbine!