Library in Guatemala

The Mausers see photos of finished library in Guatemala

When we visited Guatemala in March 2000, we visited a library under construction in San Lucas Toliman, being built with money raised in Daniel's name. (It was a touching tribute, given that Daniel was killed in Columbine's library.) There was only an outside structure then. We've never seen the finished library.

Recently we heard from a man in Denver who visited the library. Steve Werner works for Water for People, a nonprofit group that helps people in poor countries obtain safe water. While he was helping the people in San Lucas, a nun from the church there proudly showed off their new library. She didn't even know Steve was from Denver. When he entered the library he saw a sign dedicating the library to Daniel Mauser, and he immediately made the connection.

Entrance to new library in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala.

Steve and his colleagues toured the library and took a number of photos. After returning to the U.S. he contacted me and told me the story. Later we had lunch with him and learned more.

When the first two photos were emailed to me, I broke down in tears of joy when I opened them, seeing this special act of kindness resulting from Daniel's tragic death.

Many thanks to Steve and his colleagues!!!

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