Words of Comfort

Shared Stories of Lost Loved Ones
Some of the most relevant and helpful words came from other people who've lost loved ones. They know how it feels.

From a friend who lost a stepson to an unsolved murder:
"Channel your anger and other emotions towards seeking answers to your questions and taking whatever actions you deem necessary to reach some sort of resolution. You and your family must take the lead in this, because others will not. keep in mind the most precious thing you have-that strong foundation of love within your immediate family."

Crosses in Clement Park

From a former co-worker who lost a son:

"God does heal the wound. You never forget. You do forgive. You watch your other loved ones with greater caution, more fear."

From a man whose brother was shot and killed:
"When a tragedy like this happens so unexpectedly it seems to shock your mind and make things even harder to cope with for quite a while. I felt as though I was just in a daze. It seems like I now have two distinct time periods in my life, before and after (that day). My mother had a particularly difficult time handling this but found comfort in God and began going to daily Mass to get herself through it. Right now there may be a huge weight on your chest and it may feel as though it will never go away, but in time things will be easier to accept. I think of your family often and pray for you. Don't think people will forget, I won't. The world is a lesser place without him.

We are all Columbine!