Daniel's memorial funds

Memorial Funds in Daniel's Honor

Over $95,000 has been directly raised in Daniel's name!!!

After Daniel's death we named two organizations as recipients for gifts in Daniel's name: the Christian Foundation for Children and Youth (CFCA), and a scholarship fund at the University of Colorado.

After receiving many donations mentioning Daniel, CFCA asked us if we'd be willing to let them conduct a special fund drive in Daniel's name to build a school in Guatemala, where we sponsor a poor child. After we agreed, CFCA put out a special bulletin to its mailing list, telling Daniel's story.

Between our friends, web site donors, and people on CFCA's mailing list, CFCA raised well over $77,000. Only $31,000 was needed for the school. (This was to be a cinder block building, not something at American standards!) We traveled to
Guatemala last spring to see the results of this fundraising. It was a very moving experience: not only did they build a school, they also built a library in another community.

The memorial scholarship fund at the University of Colorado has received over $11,000, and it was bolstered this summer of 2001 with a $2,000 gift from the Colorado State Employees redit Union. The first
scholarship has been awarded.

The Colorado Association of Transit Agencies (CASTA) raised over $2,000. It was used for the bench in Roxborough State Park, a bench and plaque in the Mausers' neighborhood, and to help pay for the hosting of this web site.

That's over $90,000 raised in Daniel's name. Thank you all very, very much!

Daniel Mauser Memorial Scholarship Fund
CU Foundation
P.O. Box 1140
Boulder, CO 80306

This will be a college scholarship for a Columbine High student going to the University of Colorado, preferably from the debate team or cross-country squad.

Christian Foundation for Children and Aging
1 Elmwood Street
Kansas City, KS, 66103

We have been monthly donors to this program for over five years. CFCA provides assistance to needy people through missions in many countries. We help support Evi, a disabled girl in Guatemala. Donations should be marked "In memory of Daniel Mauser."

We are all Columbine!