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Daniel's photo album

Momma and her day old baby Daniel.
Daniel and proud papa after a very long night.  
Baby Daniel and mom in the foothills, summer 1983. 
Daniel and mom enjoying the autumn colors, 1983. 
Daniel and dad in "Groucho Gear." 
A family portrait, 1984. (*new*)
The required in-the-buff photo. 
Daniel as a toddler. 
A curious Daniel. 
Daniel at Grandma's, Easter 1985. 
Three year old Daniel and sister Christine.
Daniel and sister Christine on the back porch.
A family Christmas card, 1986. (*new*)
The dynamic duo, Christine and Daniel. 
Daniel at age 5, a favorite photo of ours. 
Daniel and Christine strike a pose. 
Daniel and Christine with their first pet. 
Daniel and Christie sit through another photo shoot. (*new*)
Daniel in a merry moment. 
A soundly sleeping beauty. (*new*)
Daniel and Christie at the People's Fair, 1989. (*new*)
Daniel in his Sunday best for a visit to grandma's.
Daniel and Christine ready for Easter, 1990. (*new*)
Soccer buddies, Bart and Daniel. (*new*)
Daniel and friends Daniel with neighbors Jessie and Melissa. (*new*)
Two peas in a pod... (*new*)
Daniel and Christie in a winter pose. 
Daniel was a cub scout and a boy scout. 
Daniel dressed up for Easter 1992. 
A portrait of Daniel at age nine. 
Daniel and Alfred. (*new*)
A wintry family photo. 
A winter camping trip with the Boy Scouts. (*new*)
The Mauser's house in Jefferson county. (*new*)
Daniel when he still sat nicely for photos. 
A picture capturing Daniel's gentle spirit. 
Daniel with his parents. (*new*)
Daniel after a collision with a snowboarder. 
A family dinner out. (*new*)
Daniel's 8th grade school photo. (*new*)
Daniel and Christie after a piano recital. (*new*)
A family hike in Roxborough Park. 
A family outing to St. Mary's glacier. 
Daniel's 13th birthday. (*new*)
A family trip to Steamboat Springs. (*new*)
Daniel and Christie with their pets. 
Daniel at his computer. 
Daniel's 14th birthday party. 
Daniel's freshmen school picture. 
Daniel at his 15th birthday party. 
Daniel and his best friend. 
Daniel's parents in a recent photo. (*new*)
Daniel with his sister and mom, summer 1998.
The Mauser's at Aids Walk Colorado, 1998. (*new*)

We are all Columbine!