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Shame on my U.S. Senators
Last year we sent letters to our two U.S. Senators regarding some gun issues.

Senator Wayne Allard "responded," in that he sent a form letter. But he didn't answer any of the questions that we asked!

  • Did Allard vote for or against the 1994 assault weapons bill? And why?
  • Did he vote for or against the Brady Bill? Why?

NO ANSWER. Are we asking too much? We finally got a telephone response from Mike Bennett, Allard's chief of staff: 'his votes are a matter of public record.look them up.'

Tom asked Bennett whether Allard is swayed by polls showing overwhelming support for gun control. He told him polls aren't reliable and depend very much on the way you word the question. (The Time/CNN poll asked "Do you favor or oppose the Federal Government's requiring handgun owners to register each handgun?" That sounds pretty clear to us! And 76% said they favor it. That's pretty clear to us!)

But then Bennett went on to say that the Senator doesn't believe he should govern by polls anyway. Fine, but we just want answers to the following questions:

  • What useful purpose does Allard see for the kind of assault weapon that killed Daniel?
  • Why was he unwilling to vote to ban the import of gun clips holding more than ten bullets?Again, no response.

Why won't Senator Allard respond to Tom's questions?"

Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell finally responded to Tom's letter on August 20. Tom was very disappointed with the tone of the Senator's letter and with the fact he also refused to answer any of the questions put forth to him. Like Senator Allard, Senator Campbell told Tom he could find the Senator's voting record in a public library. He offered no explanations for his votes on gun issues.

original letter to Senator Campbell, Senator Campbell's letter to Tom, and Tom's September 14 response letter to Campbell are provided in whole. You can judge for yourself whether Tom is justified in feeling snubbed by Senator Campbell.

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