Stopping the Violence

Violence is much too large an issue for us to adequately address in this web site. Nonetheless, when looking at violence there are a number of causal factors that must be examined. We offer our opinions here, which for obvious reasons tend to focus on more effective gun control. If you agree with us we urge you to get involved right now. We also recognize that you may disagree with us. We respect your beliefs, as we hope you do ours. We only ask that you consider the effects of having so many dangerous weapons in the U.S. - namely the more than 30,000 gun related deaths each year, not to mention three times that many gun injuries!

American Violence
Our views on this hot button issue.

Getting Involved
The first step to curbing violence is to
get involved.

Tom's Gun Control Activism

Because of Daniel's words to his dad, Tom became a gun control activist, even leaving his regular job for one year to fight for stronger gun laws.

Closing the Gun Show Loophole at the National Level

Tom calls for Congress to close the gun show loophole just as Colorado, Oregon and other states have done.

Exposing Gun Supporters' Cliches
same old cliches are trotted out by gun backers each time gun control measures are proposed. Here is a list of them and how we respond to them--so that you'll be better prepared to answer them when faced with this empty rhetoric!

A High School Makes Peace
inspiring story from one school where students put aside their divisions and conflicts.

An Anti-Violence Forum
We don't have the solution to violence just because we are victims of violence. We hope to
provide a forum where you can submit your ideas to the problem, and read what others think. We've received lots of ideas through this forum, but unfortunately won't be able to post more new ones until we have time. With the new baby at home, that will be quite a while from now! Any volunteers?!?

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